Modulární hliníkové lešení Cagsan


Modular Aluminium Scaffoldings are structured on a strong base which have the castors with brakes. Modules have been linked to each other with aluminium connectors. In order to increase the durability of the scaffolding, the modules have been connected each other with diagonal steel braces. The platform can be placed on every rung. The access window on the platform enables operator to pass through and step on the platform.

The extensional stabliser feets are designed in order to increase the durability of the platform. Easy to assemble and less volume when keeping at the packed position.

The Modular Aluminium Scaffoldings can move at the working area easly. It is suitable for construction activities, furnishing, painting etc. At the warehouses, stores, theaters, oil stations, houses, villas etc.

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Označení Počet příček (m.) A1 (m.) C (m.) B (m).* (cm.) (kg.) Velikost platformy (cm.) E (W.xL.xH./cm.) (W.xL.xH./cm.)
SM460 2×6 1,68 3,86 3,14 4,90 125-215×220 85 188×52 60x180x50 39x122x46
SM640 3×6 1,68 5,66 4,94 6,70 125-235×220 95 188×52 60x180x65 39x154x46

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