Kloubové hliníkové lešení-žebříky Stella Cagsan

This product can be used as scaffolding and as ladder, has a very practical set up and usage. You can remove the platform and remove the braces, so that you can use the product as “A“ type position.
Thanks to the wheels, you can easily move in the working area.
The toeboard on the platform allows you to work confidently, at the same time saves material from falling down. Lightweight, robust and safe construction.
It has EN131 Quality Certificate.

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Označení Počet příček A (m.) B (m.) C (m.) B1 (m.) B2 (m.) Velikost platformy (cm.) Váha
Velikost balení
AOB7-206 12 3,37 2,10 3,90 1,65 3,37 60×147 49 150x158x323 67x171x28