Hliníkový žebřík s podlahou Cagsan

Platform Ladders have the opportunity to be used in different ways. Mutual two Iadders can be bonded together with special joint-Iock system by removing platform when required.

In this way, these Iadders can be used in one of the positions of single, retractable two part and “A‘, when required. The height of the platform can be changed by fixing the hooks to the required step. A safe working place is provided by means of fixative steel pipes attached to the sides and banisters on the platform.

The slip risk is eliminated with rubber foot caps. Swinging is prevented with the use of foots extende d to sides. It has light, strong, safe and long lifespan design.

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Označení Počet příček A (m.) B (m.) C (m.) B1 (m.) B2 (m.) Váha (kg.) (W.xH.xL.-cm.)
PL002 2×8 2,46 1,11 2,91 2,82 4,41 37 59x240x33